Welcome Statement

St. Matthew’s is called to be a caring, inclusive community, centered in the Eucharist, grounded in the Gospel, so that we can reach out as Christ’s hands to the world. Therefore: We continue our longstanding commitment to support and welcome refugees and immigrants.  We stand with those who are socioeconomically disadvantaged.  We reaffirm that like all people, LGBTQ persons are entitled to full civil rights and protection under the law.  We recommit ourselves as allies of the Black community, with a particular focus on our brothers and sisters in Christ living in West Louisville and in Rongo, Kenya.  We lift up the principles of inclusion and the protection of the civil rights of all persons with disabilities.  We commit to speak out against violence based on personal identity, and uphold the honor and dignity of every human being.  We affirm the right to freedom of religious expression of all faiths.  We value in particular the vibrant relationships with our Muslim, Jewish, and Buddhist sisters and brothers here in Louisville. We are mindful of our responsibility in the stewardship of creation and all that God has given into our hands. We answer this call issued to the People of St. Matthew’s gladly, and in the future we trust that we will be called to do even more as Christ’s hands in the world.  We are a people grounded in the hope of the resurrection. --Vestry Statement.  November 2016.
SMEC at the 2018 Pride Parade

Our Building is Fully Accessible

St. Matthew's provides full access and accommodation for people with vision, hearing, or mobility issues

Is the church accessible to people with wheelchairs and walkers? St. Matthew’s facilities are fully accessible to people who use wheelchairs and walkers. An elevator provides access to our main and lower levels. In addition, there are locations for wheelchair seating throughout our sanctuary. One of our ushers can guide you to an accessible seating location before the service.

What accommodations does St. Matthew’s have for visitors with vision problems? If you attend services regularly and would like a digital copy of our service bulletin to read on your tablet device, a link to the current bulletin is on the website’s homepage.

What type of listening-assist technology is available for services? If you have a hearing aid that is t-coil compatible, our listening-assist system in the nave feeds audio into your hearing aid. The devices turn on as soon as they are removed from the charging station, which is located at the doors into the nave. To use, simply hang the device around your neck. It will turn on and connect to a compatible hearing aid automatically. You need only adjust the volume on the device using the up and down arrow buttons. If your hearing aid is not t-coil compatible, you can still use the devices with any earbuds. We have earbuds available, but we recommend that you bring your own. To use, place the device around your neck and use one of the earbuds in the basket. Plug the earbud into the device jack and adjust the volume. The devices accept all standard earbud jacks. When the service is over, place the earbud in the “used” basket. Please return the device to its charging station at the end of the service.