Skill Sharing Classes

The Skill Sharing program at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church is a social enterprise where we learn about each other’s callings while raising money to alleviate poverty in Louisville. For several years we have been hosting classes where parishioners and community members teach about a skill that they love and could describe as a calling.

Upcoming Skill Sharing Classes

Please check back in August for Fall 2022 classes.

Click here if you are interested in teaching a Skill Sharing class.

Past Skill Sharing Classes

Cooking with Chef Anthony Lamas


May 12, 2022


If you like good food and like to eat, be sure to join Chef Anthony Lamas of Louisville's popular Seviche restaurant will prepare a three-course dinner in our church kitchen while telling us about his calling to become a chef! 


Tour the Church Memorial Gardens with Sara Ceresa

April 30, 2022
Our Memorial Garden and surrounding space have become a beautiful part of our church campus. Join Sara as she teaches you about conservation, connectedness as you walk around the Memorial Garden and grounds. 

Taking Digital Photographs with Caroline Courtney

April 23, 2022
Is photography a passion of yours or have you always wanted to learn how to snap the perfect shot? If so, join Caroline for a class on the art of digital photography. 

How to Make Pickles with Tom Capes

March 12, 2022
We are happy to have Tom Capes with us to demonstrate how to make pickles. Join us for this fun, Pickling 101 Skill Share class. 

Writing! With Robin Garr

January 13, 2022
Do you want to write, but you're not sure how to get started? You'd like to journal, or write a family history for your kids, or maybe write a poem or a news release for your club; but you're not confident in your writing skills? Writing is easier than you think! Want to learn more? Join Robin Garr's Skill Sharing class, Writing: It's easier than you think.

Country Ham Curing Class with Benjamin Hart and Charles Frank

December 9, 2021
Are you interested in joining the venerable and time-honored tradition of curing your own meats? Join our annual country ham and bacon class, led by award-winning meat curers.  Students can choose to cure and flavor their own bacon, cure a country ham, or both! 

Flower Arranging with Winslow Fairleigh and Heather Duffy

November 21, 2022
If you have always wanted to learn more about the art of flower arranging, join Winslow Fairleigh and Heather Duffy for this floral design class. The focus will be on winter and fall florals. 

National Novel Writing Month with Sophie Kirby and Lucy Bogel

September 26, 2021
If you are a budding author and want to learn more about NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month - join Sophie and Lucy as they share their experience with the program and teach you how to write a novel in a month!

Focaccia Making with Justin Klassen 

August 28, 2021
There is nothing more comforting than the smell of fresh bread baking in the oven! Join Justin Klassen as he teaches you the secrets of great focaccia making, and leave with a delicious, freshly-baked treat.

Garden Landscaping with Sara Ceresa

April 24, 2021
Learn about beautiful garden landscaping via Zoom with Sara Ceresa. 

Wreath Making with Winslow Fairleigh

November 17, 2020
What better way to welcome someone to your home than with a lovely door wreath. If you are looking for the perfect wreath, come make a beautiful creation with the immensely talented Winslow Fairleigh.

Making Sushi with Amy Tidwell

February 23, 2021
Making sushi is an art form, and Amy Tidwell will teach you all the tips and tricks of this beautiful culinary skill. 

Bread Baking with Justin Klassen 

August 31, 2019
Come join Justin Klassen as he teaches us the art of baking great bread!