Godly Play

Christian formation for our children in kindergarten through 4th grade is provided using Godly Play. Through this program, we share stories of our faith from the Bible, church history, and our liturgy. We use simple materials in a Montessori-style, allowing all present to be one with the story. Godly Play seeks to give each child the vocabulary to express their inherent relationship with God and encourage their faith journey in our community. Two adults are needed for each class. The “Door Person” welcomes the children into the Godly Play space (room), helps with craft materials, preparing feast (snack & drink), and supporting any other needs. The “Storyteller” leads the class by memorizing and presenting the story using provided materials, wondering about the story with the children, praying with the children before the feast, and blessing each child before leaving the space.
This year we are trying something new. The Godly Play story and wondering conversation will be during part of the 10am church service. Children begin worship with their families, leave during the Alleluia, and return in time for Communion. We are also introducing Family Wondering rooms after church where families can continue wondering together and respond to the story through craft supplies, playing with the story materials, journaling and more.
We will also offer Extension Sundays periodically that offer Godly Play activities for all members of the church. For more information or to volunteer for any of these rolls, please contact Laura Bomar or Julie Mushkin (