Church History, Archives, and Library

Our History
Various histories and chronologies of St. Matthew's Episcopal
Church have been written and presented by church historians and
archivists. They may be found in the archives. Below are a few.

Below is a descriptive chronology of St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church from 1839-present.
In 1984, Robert Trimble presented a brief history of the Episcopal Church in Kentucky and Saint Matthew's Episcopal Church in Jefferson County (1789-1948). This includes information regarding the first St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church.
During the "Building the Spirit" capital campaign, parishioner Ann Miller gave a program covering the history from 1948-2005. 
As part of the 75th anniversary celebration of the present St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, Lee Fletcher gave his selective version of the church's history focusing on the development of the archives and its resources from 1948-2023. 

Oral History

The purpose of this project is to gather information about, and insight into, the history of St. Matthew’s Church. This undertaking grew out of the recognition that there are lessons to be learned from knowledge of the past.  Accordingly, teams of volunteer interviewers and videographers recorded the memories and reflections of parishioners whose association with St. Matthew’s continued over a period of years, and who witnessed its growth and development during this time. Some of the completed interviews may be borrowed from the St. Matthew's Library of viewed by appointment in the Archives. Please contact Lee Fletcher below for more information. 
Phil Ardery
Anne Ardery
Sue  Bach
Lauren Becker
Connie Becker
Don Bell
Joy Bell
Bette Dietrich
Jane Disney
Rosemary Drybrough
Dick Humke
Jeff Jobson
Lucinda Laird
Frankie Mathews
Mack Mathews
Ann Miller
Scott Miller
Bo Nixon
Tom Momberg
Cleve Parkins
David Reed
Dottie Rohrer
Ernestine Schaaf
Joe Scheirich
Fred Siegfreidt
Joan Siegfreidt
Aidan Stone
Bobbie Stone
Neally Wright
50th Anniversary Interviews

Mable Bowen
Jo  Brendel
Anne  Hampton
Judy Spencer
Jonnnie Vatter Hoge
Michelle Yeager

St. Matthew's Archives


Meet our archivist, Lee Fletcher. Send him an email to make an appointment and view the many items in our archives.

The archives houses over 75 years of photos, videos, and documents from the entire history of our parish. Many of the items have been digitalized, but the full collection can be viewed upon appointment.
The 50th Anniversary committee prepared a book that cataloged the various items of art, sculpture, etc. at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church. The book has been updated and can be borrowed from the Library or viewed here.


Unsung Heroes

Jan. 2024 - Robin McNally and Phil Eschels
Jan. 2023 - Laura Bomar and Brian Ceresa
Jan. 2022 – Sara Ceresa and Steve Cherry
Jan. 2021 – Russ Weis, Mike Risley, John Shelby, Mike Schmitt
Feb. 2020 – Ann Hines and Robin Garr
Jan. 2019 – Speed Stodghill and Lynn Miller
Jan. 2018 – Dave and Sarah Johansen
Jan. 2017 – Brian Good and Betty Triplett
Jan. 2016 – Greg Petrites and Sarah Clement
Feb. 2015 – Harry and Ann Tidwell  
Feb. 2014 – Don Kissling and Kathy Bowling
Jan. 2013 – Sarah Weston
Jan. 2012 – Ellen Robertson and Mary Louise Gorman
Jan. 2011 – Lee and Jody Fletcher
Jan. 2010 – Linda Collins
Jan. 2009 – Dottie Rohrer

Jan. 2008 – Ed and Karen Hill
Jan. 2007 – Bill McKinney
Jan. 2006 – Richard Rodahaffer and John Thomas
Jan. 2005 – Aidan and Bobbie Stone
Jan. 2004 – Fred and Joan Siegfreidt
Jan. 2003 – Chuck and Joyce Barry
Jan. 2002 – Lillian Yeager
Jan. 2001 – Jonnie Hoge and Sharon Nesmith
Jan. 2000 – Jane O’Roark
Jan. 1999 – Maida Wood
Jan. 1998 – whole parish
Jan. 1997 – Joyce Aprile, Mack Mathews, Evelyn Carter, Betty Jobson
Recognition from 1987 to 1996 included Aidan Stone, Anne and Phil Ardery, Marcia Carman, Chuck Hamrick, Ralph Strang, and Evelyn  Carter.  


To access the library catalog, please visit the St. Matthew's Library homepage.