The Communities of Calling Initiative

In 2018, St. Matthew's received a grant from the Collegeville Institute to participate in the Communities of Calling Initiative. Through this grant, we have explored what it means to be called by God as individuals and as a community. The purpose of the grant was to increase congregations' language around calling and vocation--because everyone is called to many things by God. 

Guest Speaker Douglas Tallamy talks about his Homegrown Nation Park concept-and the difference it can make-at St. Matthew’s on October 22.

Save the date of Douglas Tallamy, the bestselling author and environmental activist. His simple and practical idea of landscaping your home’s property to support the local ecosystem is a way we can contribute to a sustainable future. Tallamy says, “our landscapes must do the things that enable ecosystems to produce the life support we and every other species requires.” Here are the four functions landscape must perform: “1) They must support a diverse community of pollinators throughout the growing season. 2) They must provide energy for the local food web. 3) They must manage the watershed in which they lie. 4) They must remove carbon from the atmosphere where it is wreaking havoc on the earth’s climate.”

Communities of Calling Activities

Year 1  - Fall 2019 - Summer 2020

 * Holy Listening Group
 * Parish Discernment Retreat
 * St. John’s Bible Exhibit
 * Skill Sharing Classes

Year 2  - Fall 2020 - Summer 2021

 * Conversations with local businesses
 * Relationships with the community that uses our land and space
 * Expand our Skill Sharing Classes
 * Presentations from community organizations
 * Host a story-sharing event
 * Introduce vocational language to our regular worship services
 * Offer workshops on listening and discerning skills

Year 3 - Fall 2021 - Summer 2022

 * Expand our Skill Sharing classes into a social enterprise
 * Create a discernment page on our website
 * Vocational language in worship
 * Parish-wide retreat
 * Conversations with local businesses
 * Listening and Discernment skills workshop

Year 4 - Fall 2022 - Summer 2023

 * Skill Sharing Social Enterprise
 * Coaching with Steven Tomlinson
 * Meals with local businesses
 * Discernment with Br. David Vryhof and Br. Lucas Hall
 * Speaker - Douglas Tallamy
 * Parish - Wide Retreat