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"The voice of God rings through the ages." Rev. Kelly Kirby

"We should consider what kind of Child of God we are collectively, as humanity."
Rev. Benjamin Hart

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Readings and Illuminations for the Blessing of the Animals, Sunday, October 9, 2022

First Reading: Genesis 2:18-25 
‘Animals created as partners’
God creates the animals and birds from the same ground that the first human is created.  Animals and humans are kin and partners.  Like children, the first human names the animals as part of a living family in Eden. 

Psalm: Psalm 148 
‘All creatures praise the Lord’ 

Second Reading: Revelation 5:11-14 
‘Animals around the throne”
In this vision of the future, it is not only angels that praise Christ on the throne, but also the living creatures of Earth and sky. They are an integral part of our hope and our future. 

Gospel: Matthew 6:25-29
‘How God has made creation beautiful’
Solomon in all his royal splendor cannot match the brilliance of the creatures of land and sky that God creates and feeds.   Reading from a Sermon of St Francis:  ‘Peace, birds, peace!’ My brother and sister birds, you should greatly praise your Creator and love him always. He gave you feathers to wear, and wings to fly, and whatever you need.  God made you noble among his creatures and gave you a home in the purity of the air, so that, though you do not sow nor reap, he nevertheless protects and governs you without your least care.

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The Peaceable Kingdom (c.1833), oil painting on canvas by Edward Hicks (1780-1849), Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, Mass.

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Dimensions of Faith invites thinkers and writers to explore the interface of religion and culture, as we continue as a parish to challenge our minds and renew our spirits.

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