Teaching a Skill Sharing Class

Share Your Calling, Benefit the Community

By teaching a St. Matthew's Skill Sharing class, you are both sharing your calling with the community and supporting Simmons College. 

Chef Anthony Lamas of Seviche'

How Classes Work

Time Commitment

Classes are single sessions that are usually either 2 hours on a weeknight or 3 hours on a weekend.

Class Tuition

The class tuition is set based on the type of class and cost of the materials. The church collects the tuition. 


100% of the proceeds benefit the local community. This year, all proceeds will benefit Simmons College. 

Publicity and Streaming

The church will publicize the event on its social media platforms. Many classes are hybrid on Zoom. 

Class Supplies and Reimbursement

The teacher purchases all the materials for the class, and the church reimburses the teacher for the supplies. 

Class Size

Class size varies depending on the type of class and the teacher's preference. For greater participation, the class may be offered in-person and on Zoom.

For more information or to schedule a class, please contact us below.